Binance edges closer to acquiring CoinMarketCap

Leading crypto platform Binance plans to purchase CoinMarketCap “within weeks”.

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Binance edges closer to purchasing popular crypto data site, CoinMarketCap. CoinMarketCap is still one of the world’s most popular data sites.

CoinMarketCap gained huge fame in 2017 when everyone and their dog used the site to assess their gains in the bull run. But many more advanced platforms have since been released that do the same trick. But this hasn’t stopped Chanpeng Zhao in his crusade to control the crypto sector. The Binance owner and multi billionaire has offered a deal worth $400m in both cash and stocks. 

Changpen has always teased of more acquisitions stating “there are two acquisition deals in the near future which will have significant impact”. Could CoinMarketCap be one of them?

CoinMarketCap drew over 207.2 millions visitors in the last 6 months alone, with Binance’s stats sitting around 113.8 million over the same period, so tapping into that stream of visitors to re-direct them to Binance could be a very lucrative deal for Changpen and Binance.

CoinMarketCap aside, what could the other acquisition be? 

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