OK Group breaks into Japan

Euro trading launches for OKCoin

OKCoin Japan, a subsidiary of the OK group, is trying to break Japan, having recently received their Japanese regulatory authorities to operate a brand new crypto exchange in the country.

OKCoin announced via Medium they have gained their licence to operate a crypto exchange in Japan, an already crowded and advanced market compared to the rest of the world.

The announcing stated OKCoin has registered under the Kanto local Finance Bureau to operate as a digital currency exchange in Japan under the country’s Payment Service Act (PSA).

Alongside the announced OKCoin stated the project boasts secure and robust AML and customer risk profiling capabilities, such as automated transaction filtering and monitoring system to combat illicit activities. 

The platform doesn’t officially have a launch date of yet, but customers can now register to open an account online via the website, but they have let us know the Japanese Yen will be supported on the platform.

I wish OKCoin all the best in Japan, and hope they continue with their world domination plans.

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