Talk Crypto, Kajiu’s and the future with CryptoKaiju

Blockchain technology has been cultivated and used to enhance many underlying industries from transport, finance, and even collectibles and in this post we will focus solely on the collectibles market produced by Crypto Kaiju.

Blockchain technology has been cultivated and used to enhance many underlying industries from transport, finance, and even collectibles and in this post we will focus solely on the collectibles market produced by Crypto Kaiju.

Collectible figures have been around for years, with many replicas being produced of highly prized and sought after figures leading to collectors being scammed in the past. Blockchain holds the solution to these issues, offering a fully traceable collectible that is forever listed and verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

I sat down with Oliver from the Crypto Kaiju and asked him some questions about when he first heard of crypto, what’s the future hold for Crypto Kaiju and if they’re open for future altcoin figures.

Q/1 — When did you first hear about blockchain technology and crypto currencies?

I’ve been in the Cryptos space for around 7 years now. I heard about it as my friend was using the Silk Road then turned my attention to mining, eventually running a sizable mining operation until the market diversified and things moves to areas with lower power costs.

Since then I’ve been floating around, I ran a crypto blog for a long time and I found the NFT space through a chance meeting at a Blockchain meet up with the organizers who are the founders of KnownOrigin and now partners in CryptoKaiju with me.

Andy — Wow, so you really are a veteran in the space, you’ve experienced most of the areas of the blockchain industry before falling in love with creating collectibles. You know what they say, most things are created by chance and I’m thrilled you found this.

Moving onto question now to ask more about the project and how you envisioned it going.

Q/2 — What made you think it would be cool to create and upload CryptoKaiju’s on the blockchain? did you think it would be as successful as it has been?

I have loved collecting toys/ fashion/ collectibles since I was young but validating and verifying items has always been something I’ve identified as being difficult and didn’t see any products out there that were really solving the problem in a clever way.

The immutability of blockchain technology felt like an easy decision and delivering this via NFTS added even more value to the experience of owning a collectible. Firstly, there’s the obvious improvements to provenance, but secondly, I really liked the idea of Amiibo esque technology with the person who owned the collectible owning a digital version of it. The latter has been much more challenging but we are in the process of achieving this with Dogejira which is our latest release and links to an in-game asset on The Sandbox.

In terms of it being successful. Definitely not. I envisaged a lukewarm reception but was aiming for something “cult” that in time people really loved. The first generation sold out in 40 days and has become a very popular collectible within the space, which was an amazing feeling. Since then things have grown: We worked with an NBA team which was so exciting and also got to work with Dapper Labs under their NFTY license.

Andy: The project has really moved along fast from the early days! Being in touch to work with NBA teams will only increase the exposure and the value of Crypto Kaiju.

I am very impressed with being able to hold a virtual version of the collectible you hold a physical of, this will definitively help validate the figure with users holding both the virtual and physical item.

Now the next question is about moving forward and perhaps partnering with different altcoins to make limited edition lines.

Q/3 — Have you been thinking of releasing a limited edition Altcoin Kaijus, and what would be the best way for projects to get in touch about this?

Jaintokoin came in 2 styles: BTC and ETH so we are definitely not averse to other designs. Dogejira pays tribute to Dogecoin in a way (Sort of). We’ve talked about doing a Litecoin variant of Jaintokoin before that someone approached us about and are definitely not averse to the idea. For me, for it to come from the core Kaiju range it would have to be a coin that I am interested in, or one that has a big following so we can fulfill minimum order quantities with the factories we use.

I am definitely not averse to the idea but in the past conversations have fallen flat quite quickly when people realize the costs involved in developing small run toys. If anyone is interested, they can just email or DM us on Twitter, we are pretty quick to respond and always happy to talk.

Andy: Altcoins have really grown since 2017 with many of them looking for new exciting ways to market and advertise to their audiences. I seriously think collectibles being created on their native blockchains with physical copies will apply to so many projects out there.

It’s time to talk about the projects that you love and why you started your designs with these projects.

Q/4 — We can see your big Bitcoin and Ethereum supporters from your site. Are there any other projects you really like in the space and who would you really want to work with?

From a pure coin/asset perspective, there’s not an impressive deal we are really interested in. I’ve been in the space for so long and spend my days following Ethereum and Bitcoin over everything else.

One thing we love about the Eth space is just how diverse and experimental it is and with that in mind, we are always really keen to come up with ideas about how Kaiju can link with other things within the Eth space. For example, we really want to integrate SNARKS in some form to allow for the trustless trading of physical assets and James who is one of the founders of CryptoKaiju has some amazing ideas about how that would work.

Andy: Including SNARKS seems to be the go to technology at the minute, with many projects signing up to utilize the technology. I think by using it to help manage the trustless trading of physical Kaiju is definitely the best way forward.

Finally question, have you got any exclusives for us? what are you planning.

Q/5 — Do you have any exciting updates or announcements coming you’d like to share exclusively with Blocking It?

We do indeed: You’re the first to hear it. We’ve been approached by the amazingly talented guys over at Good Luck 3 who make some very fun games that integrate blockchain and they have added Kaiju NFTS to BombStars, meaning you’ll be able to battle your NFTS (Including Kaiju) against each other.

Andy: Amazing, I didn’t expect this at all. Moving into the gaming side of blockchain is always fun! There is, in my opinion a serious lack of good games in the blockchain ecosystem, I think by adding this side to the figures it’ll add more value and a better sense of the collectible.

After the chat with Oliver it really amazed me how far the project has come along, the vision for the future is there and characters they offer are definitely amazing. I would love to see more altcoins get involved and create their very own Crypto Kaiju.

I urge you to head over now to the CryptoKaiju website and see the items they have available.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and read below to win some cool swag.

See you soon,


This post is not a paid advertisement and is in fact posted out of my interest in collectible figures and industry leaders. For this special interview I’m giving away 2 iron on patches I’ll purchase from the Crypto Kaiju website. To be entered please like and share this post on Twitter.

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